• Barcadia / Logo Re-Design / 2018
This is a logo redesign for the popular DFW adult arcade venue. The concept is combining the 'arcade' and 'bar' into a beer bottle joystick with more simplistic and modern typography. 
• Wenatchee National Forest / Logo Design / 2018
An original logo concept for the Wenatchee National Forest. I used illustration to showcase the beauty of the landscape with calming colors to embody the serenity of the park itself.
• Space Queer Apparel / Apparel Design / 2017
I created this concept to sell on Cotton Bureau as a way to express my need for representation and my fascination with space during that time in my life. This design has sold over 160 shirts to date.
• Marquez Bakery / Sign & Symbol / 2016
A logo re-design concept for a neighborhood family owned bakery in Arlington, Texas. To embody the familiar aspect of the business, I chose to design an empanada mascot wearing a stylized sombrero to represent the importance of the cultural background of this establishment. This logo won bronze in 2018 at the United Design Alliance. 
• Wahwahtaysee / Internship / 2018
During my internship at Greenlight Advertising (now called GoDo Discovery Co.) I was able to aid in designing brand assets for their client Wahwahtaysee Resort. This logo is an example of their proprietary tents they have at their resort and is in use with their current brand assets. 
• Austin Run / Professional Preparation / 2018
This logo is a concept for Austin Run taking place in Austin, Texas for autism awareness. I chose to embody the eclectic and gritty nature of Austin with bold, mismatched typography and rough textures throughout.
• projekt202 Gala / projekt202 / 2020
Every year, projekt202 holds a gala where employees from all offices are able to come together and celebrate the start of a new year. For 2020, we were inspired by the 1920's and art deco styles. I used the brand colors to add more dimension to the design.
• Max Hot Sauce / projekt202/ 2020
For an Apiture engagement, customer loyalty wanted to send out customized hot sauce to the team. I created this logo to be used as labels on the bottles. I wanted to bring attention to the name of the engagement with bold typography and illustration.
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